Final Breath

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Blessing of the goddess Shekhinah,


Moonspell sisters, at 2:30 PST,August 11th, 2006, Shekhinah took her final breath and went into the arms of the goddess.


Her battle with cancer is over and she’s now in the light of the goddess pain-free.


Several women have reported visitation by Shekhinah today, I being one of them. I’ve no doubt she came to each of you today because she would never leave without a big hug good-bye.


Her passing was quiet and peaceful, with one final deep exhalation she chose to go.


The sisters who are with her today have dressed Shekhinah in her ritual robes and surrounded her with rose pedals from her garden. It was exactly the way she’d always said she wanted her final moments to be.


Those same sisters are now singing over her body, and soon they will conduct the ritual washing of the body as they prepare her to go back into the arms of the Mother.


In a few hours, a cardboard coffin will be brought in and all of the sisters present here will decorate it with all the women’s symbols and her runes … and much more. However, please don’t rush over there at this time if you’re local and wanting to participate. The family has asked to be alone with her for now. I will post again, when they are ready for you. It could be tonight or it could be tomorrow.


Then sisters, it’s going to be time to celebrate this wonderful woman’s life together.


Thank you for all your love and kind words, and for allowing me the honor of sharing her final days with you.


In the goddess light,

Cerridwen Sidhewolf


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