Hekate’s Prayer

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Hekate’s Prayer features the voice of Z Budapest from 1978 as she prays to the Goddess Hecate over the airwaves of an All Hallows Eve radio show. I’ve mixed in all the other sounds, including ravens and wolves sacred to Hecate.


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Cerridwen Sidhewolf

    Here you will find musing of the Goddess and historical information on Herstory. I will also share my thoughts on the northern isles [Ireland, Whales, Scottland] that have retained the deeply ancient pagan traditions known as the Faery Faith. This is my journey and my truth, as I have come to understand it.

    For flavoring, I've added the RSS feeds from the blogs of other sisters who speak their truth. Not all postings here will be my own, for the Goddess has many voices and all are relevant.

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