Merlin Stone Dumb Supper with Z Budapest

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I didn’t kiss you yet
She whispered

My body pulses

I feel her breath on me

Skin comes alive

You didn’t kiss me yet?

I whisper back

I can almost feel

Her flesh on mine

She comes alive

I didn’t kiss you yet

She teases me

Are you sure?

I ask her plain

Quite sure

There’s something more




I smile wildly

Well then kiss me

And never stop

Kiss me

Make me want you

Kiss me

Want you more

Kiss me

Invoke me

And, I’ll kiss you

In places you’d forgotten


The Time Is Close

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Sweet friends,


I’ve received a phone call regarding Shekhinah, … and the news is sad, but also happy.

Shekhinah has slipped into a state of constant sleep now. Her breathing labored, and heavier on the out breaths. It’s clear she’s near her crossing time.

The happy news is that her daughter is with her now. Though they can’t talk, I’ve no doubt that Shekhinah hears every word and is most likely out-of-body hugging her beloved daughter. It’s good they have this time together now.

The other happy news, and what I think I’ll chose to hold dear, is that Shekhinah was awake and had more energy most of the night. She talked and talked about the beautiful ritual that Z lead. She knew what the ritual was for and as I understand it, she was very happy and smiling as she spoke. She had a lot to say last night which to me means that all of the beautiful energies you sisters sent her … energized her and filled her with your love.

So, that is where our dear sister is at now. Don’t be surprised if you glimpse her or dream of her over the next few days. The veil has thinned and now, those who have gone before her are waiting to welcome her home.

From her flow and ebb,

Cerridwen Sidhewolf

by Shekhinah Mountainwater

We are the flow,
we are the ebb
We are the weavers,
we are the web.

We are the weave,
we are the web,
We are the spiders,
we are the thread.

We are the spiders,
we are the thread,
We are the witches
back from the dead.


Once More

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I awoke to the darkness

When a hush is in the air

To smell of my lover

Though she was not there

Her fragrance hung

Like morning dew to vine

I felt her fill the room

This lady love of mine

She washes over me

Oceans to their shore

She leaves me wanting

And begging her for more

In total darkness

Rising up to greet her

To revel in her mysteries

Once more, once more my lover


Cerridwen Sidhewolf

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