Last Rites

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Today has been one of those days in the lives of all who experienced it that will not be forgotten soon, if ever.


I always knew that when the day came that my lovely Kinah was to begin her cross-over journey, that I would be one of several priestesses to hold space for her, sing to her during her rite of passage blessing and love her for the extraordinary friendship I had with her.

Today we crones that were so much a part of each other’s lives gathered to share yet another level of the love and caring that has graced our dance of life through the years. Today we were the death crones, come to bless our sister, to help guide her and let her know just how deeply you, us, myself … how much we all loved her.

Z had arrived.

That silver haired Amazon walked into the room with her two walking sticks and you had no doubt that something powerful was about to get going.

When they told Shekhinah that Z was there, Shekhinah made one request … she asked for humor.

Well of course, that made all us crones cackle because asking Z to be funny is never something you need ask. It’s a given. I’m pretty sure Z cackled the loudest too. And honestly, I’ve no doubt that Shekhinah Mountainwater had just pulled a prank in her subtle way.

Z made it very clear to all she had work to do there, and with mischief in her eyes and a little smirk, off she went muttering something about being funny.

We all waited for a little bit of time to give these two old friends some space to speak in private. When it was time for us to join them, there was our Shekhinah with a smile on her face. Clearly her wish had been granted.

Z reminded Shekhinah of their adventures together and comforted Shekhinah, and eventually explained to Shekhinah that it was time to get down to business. Shekhinah understood and gave permission to be anointed with a beautiful rose oil that Z had brought her.

Shekhinah was very receptive, but also wasn’t shy about voicing her needs or concerns. At one point, Shekhinah was worried that she was going to soil herself. In typical Z fashion, she leaned over Shekhinah and whispered like a naughty little girl, “It’s ok honey, you just go ahead and have a good pee.”

Shekhinah got a little smile from that one.

Then Z began to sing, and the words flowed and flowed from her while the rest of us droned in the background. Shekhinah’s eyes were open wide and she was listening so intently to every word of Z’s song. A song that I didn’t realize until later was being inspired right at that moment. It was beautiful, and at times sad … at others, very funny.

And when it was over, Z gifted Shekhinah with bay tree clippings. Shekhinah liked the song, but she made it clear the bay could go.

I wasn’t expecting to smile and laugh so much with these women and our Shekhinah today, but seeing the amount of pure joy it gave to Shekhinah was her gift to us. There wasn’t any wailing, and not much crying. But what there was a lot of, was the real love that sisters grace each other’s journey with.

So sisters, the blessings have been sung and the rite of passage has been gifted to Shekhinah by her community of sisters. It is now up to her as to when will be the time she will release her foothold on this earth and go home.


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