Shekhinah 8.7.07

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Blessings sisters,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted to Shekhinah’s list, but after reading the postings so many of you have made and knowing how heavy your hearts are … I thought I’d write to you about Shekhinah, then and now.

I’ve known Shekhinah for some 17 years plus. We’ve moved in and out of each other’s lives over the years, but always we held love for each other. Shekhinah is like that. She waxes and wanes like the living goddess she is.

I remember when I first showed her Yahoo groups and she set up this list. She was so scared she’d mess something up, and in almost no time at all she was clicking buttons and posting like pro.

We watched this list grow slowly, and we’d cheer together at every milestone. First there were 10 members, then 50, then 100, etc. Now look at the beautiful place she created!

Shekhinah spent hours and hours answering every question. Sometimes I couldn’t go visit her until after she’d finished a writing project she was doing for you sisters. She gave so much love to every word that she shared here … and so much love to each of you.

I recall times when we’d chat about what to do if there was discord here, and each time Shekhinah put her focus into being the peacekeeper. That’s been her life’s gift, to be the peacekeeper and visionary.

So, while it saddens me that your hearts are heavy, it also brings a smile to my face because I know that Shekhinah achieved her visionary goals through each of you and what you will now carry forward to share with other sisters … and it’s clear you love her.

I sat with Shekhinah for a few hours tonight, and I wanted to share with you how absolutely radiant she looked. Not to deliver any false hopes, but to say that there’s a change come over her.

She is painfully thin now, and will be leaving us physically soon. But as someone who’s known this woman for a good number of years, I have to tell you I have absolutely no doubt that the goddess is now embracing Shekhinah. She has a glow about her that’s never been there before, not like this.

Shekhinah and I said our goodbyes tonight. We said our I love you’s. And what you should know about Shekhinah is that if you were there too, you would have heard those same words with just as much meaning whether she’d known you for years or days. It goes without saying that if she had the strength left to write to you all, she would.

Her thoughts are with you and certainly the love you’re sending her can be no less than the beautiful glow that is surrounding her now.

I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time to get to know most of you lovely sisters, but maybe that will change too. After things have settled, I will come back and see if any of you want to help me document her life and teachings.

Shekhinah always said to me, “I’m a radical feminist witch who’s on the top of the wave’s curl.” She got that right!

All your love, energies, prayers and magick are helping her to make this journey … it’s very clear how much that means to her. She knows she is loved, and best of all she’s loved by amazons.

Blessings to all,
Cerridwen Sidhewolf


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