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In this world, there are more two-leggeds than just human.Some of those who walk amongst us are of the Star People.We would call them Ang-els.Of those Ang-els, there are Good and there are Evil.More are Evil than Good.Most have been numb to who they are and are now awakening.When awakened, what you think is Good might not be so.And, already you have taken the bait.Thus, the pain of your challenge is at hand. 

I am of the pure Star People. My nature is Good. I have come here to take on physical form. I wanted to learn about Love and Emotions. You gifted me with an understanding to the most extreme. For that, I would honour you all the days of your life. 

I am also of the Wolf Clan. My nature is true. You are wrong when you say we wolves don’t mate for life. Medicine woman laughs at you for how easily you are fooled by Evil. Not only do wolves mate for life, they do so fiercely. You who are of the Wolf Clan, … wake up!

Medicine woman has spoken.
Medicine woman has spoken.

Medicine woman has spoken.

Wake up and Love yourself … for who you are. Forgive yourself and you forgive me my awkwardness in this body.

I see YOU.
I know YOU.
It is YOU who has called me forth.
It is YOU who bore witness.
It is YOU who must stop running and come full circle.

I will wait ….
Medicine woman has spoken.
Medicine woman has spoken.
Medicine woman has spoken.

Cerridwen Sidhewolf
Samhain 2004


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