Merlin Stone Dumb Supper with Z Budapest

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Goddess Festival & Susan B. Anthony Coven #1

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Blessings Sisters in Goddess!

We are pleased to announce our Goddess Festival Special for the the month of August 2010.

In the month of August only!
We are offering women who register for the Goddess Festival a FREE one year membership into the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 … the world’s most famous coven!

Membership into the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 is $50. So you’re getting a savings of $50! Plus, once a member of the SBA, you will find savings on classes worth more than the cost of your membership!

It’s a WIN-WIN!!! You get to come to the Goddess Festival and become a Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 Sister in Goddess … and you help raise funds for the Women’s Spirituality Forum.

The Women’s Spirituality Forum is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit. Your registration fees and your membership are tax deductible.

* SBA Special pricing ends Sept. 1, 2010


Goddess Belief

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Goddess Belief is for women who are in search of women’s spirituality and rediscovering their own power within as the divine feminine.

As women of faith, we are helping ourselves and each other to grow, to learn, to come to an understanding of divinity and spirituality through shared experiences.

We believe the Goddess shows herself to us through all nature and inspires us through the wisdom of existence.

The Goddess is a holy spirit and embodies everything.
She reveals Herself as creation, marking history through humanity.
She is the holy trinity; nymph, mother and crone.

She is the mother of God.
The Goddess is the creation of the world and humankind.
She is responsible for the divinity of all birth.

She is the virgin, through nature she embodies all life.
She birthed humanity.
She gives us miracles daily.

She is death. She resurrection.
She is ascension. She is heaven.
She is glory.

She is salvation. She is regeneration.
She is grace through which all humanity is born.

In the present ministry of the Holy Goddess
by whose indwelling all women are enabled
to live a full life and to grow in the knowledge of nature.

There is no damnation as ascribed by the fear-hating gods of the desesert religions.

In the spiritual unity of believers in the Goddess,
and in the importance of worship, service and missions for the good of all.


Temple of Athena

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Temple of Athena as arranged by Bobbie Grennier

You can get a copy and support women’s spirituality.
Women’s Sprirituality Forum Online Store


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    Here you will find musing of the Goddess and historical information on Herstory. I will also share my thoughts on the northern isles [Ireland, Whales, Scottland] that have retained the deeply ancient pagan traditions known as the Faery Faith. This is my journey and my truth, as I have come to understand it.

    For flavoring, I've added the RSS feeds from the blogs of other sisters who speak their truth. Not all postings here will be my own, for the Goddess has many voices and all are relevant.

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